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  3. Bloons Tower Defense 6 - 26,080 plays

BTD3 Hacked

BTD3 Hacked

Game Name: BTD3 Hacked

Game Description:

BTD3 hacked is a little older than BTD4 or BTD5 but still just as much fun to play as all the others apart from BTD1. Here in the hacked BTD3 game online it gives you unlimited money so you can buy all the towers and upgrades that you want to keep your monkeys popping bloons until they are all officially popped and you can win the game easily.

Bloons Tower Defense 3 is the sequel to Bloons Tower Defense 2 and it has 8 new tracks with 3 difficulty settings. There are 2 new types of towers with load of new upgrades to buy for everything including new bloon types that you will have to contend with. Yes BTD3 is here after millions of plays and request from the community, BTD3 was released by Ninja Kiwi and this time round there is new maps and new bloons tracks to play on. But the BTD3 hacked game will give you unlimited money and unlimited health to lead your monkeys to complete bloon annihilation.

Bloons Tower Defense 3 Explained

bloons td 3 gameThe Bloons legacy is continued in BTD3 which was finally released to fans and players after a lot of time waiting fans around the world. BTD3 picks up where BTD2 left off with all new tracks, monkeys and upgrades. All new graphics, physics and game mechanics make it exactly what the fans had been waiting for. For sure, Ninja Kiwi delivered a full fledgling sequel as opposed to just a patch to the very first Bloons game. So the multicolored Bloons are back with new bloons to try and over run you with. Fans of previous games will know it only takes 1 hit from a dart to burst a bloon but the bloons get harder and harder to burst in later levels. Some bloons even have bloons inside a bloon. Some bloons are made of porcelain and can only be burst with repeated hits. And the MOAB (Mother of All Bombs) is like a zeppelin that requires everything you got to burst it only to release more bloons from inside itself.

But this is not a problem in BTD3 hacked because you have more than enough tricks to deal with these like the Spike-o-pult monkey which throws spiked balls onto the path which pops any bloon that it touches. You can upgrade these in various ways to allow it to throw up to 3 balls at the same time. And a new support tower the “Monkey Beacon” will increase nearby towers range and speed and allows you to unlock a new top secret weapon that nukes all the bloons on the track at once! Plus your use-once weapons just like the spikes that can pop 10 bloons at once and glue that slows down the bloons in thick gloopy like substance that slows up to 20 bloons. And of course, the Pineapple which is a timed bomb that can be put anywhere on the map and will blow up after 3 seconds taking out any bloons within its blast radius.

This is on top of the other wide array of monkey tower upgrades. Even feeble tack shooter and the basic dart throwing monkey can be upgraded to throw super sharp razor darts that pop 3 bloons not just 1. The boomerang monkey can be upgraded into a top thrower that can pop up to 8 bloons in a single throw. And Ice balls can pop bloons by freezing them and can be upgraded to cannons and missile launchers that explode all enemies to smithereens. Just tons of improvements in new monkeys and upgrades to use. And little hidden extras you’ll find along the way like the Super Monkeys new Plasma Vision that bursts bloons like there is no tomorrow! And you can now change each monkey towers targeting options to either first enemy or last enemy which is really useful to use in your strategy to deal the most damage in the shortest time.

How far can your computer go before it can’t handle it anymore?

With BTD3 hacked, you can get right to the end provided you can pop all the bloons quick enough before they reach you. Fortunately with unlimited money, you can buy the best, strongest and fastest monkey towers in which you can do the most damage in the shortest amount of time to those bloons. But be warned, you might need a faster than average PC that can handle all that dart throwing, bloon poppin’ madness that’s happening on your screen. Even the original non-hacked version never saw as much action in the game as BTD3 hacked online game did!

How to Play and Win BTD3 Hacked Game?

  • Click “Play Game” at the bottom of this page. The BTD3 hacked game appears and starts to load.
  • Click on the track you would like to play on and the game begins to play immediately.
  • Click on one of the monkey towers you want to use first and it will be selected ready to use.
  • Click anywhere that you want to place it on the map provided its not blocking the path way the bloons move along.
  • Click “Start Round” to begin sending in the bloons to start each new round.
  • Upgrade your first monkey to the max to make him into a super monkey.
  • Keep buying and upgrading monkey as and when they become available.
BTD 3 Hack Info

Unlimited money available to buy all the towers and upgrades with.
You will still have to unlock monkeys as you play before you can upgrade them.

Game Category: Tower Defense

BTD3 Hacked